SECHC salutes Army Chaplain Tim Shepherd

US Army Reserve Captain (Chaplain) Tim Shepherd visited the Alabama hockey team’s players and coaches on September 17, 2011 at the Pelham Civic Complex, the home rink of Alabama hockey.

Chaplain Shepherd spoke to the team about their recent loss of a loved teammate and was well received. Chaplain Shepherd has served at Walter Reed Army Medical Center ministering to Soldiers severely wounded from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the Army Reserve Chaplain was recently selected for Active Duty after requesting to minister to fellow Soldiers full time.

The event was brought together by SECHC commissioner Kenny “Sarge” Day, who met Shepherd in previous situation in which he worked with the armed forces after a shooting event took place within the work place.

“I met Chaplain Shepherd last year after a horrible shooting incident at my workplace resulting in the death of a beloved Army Master Sergeant” said SECHC commissioner Kenny “Sarge” Day. “Chaplain Shepherd provided much needed council and ministered to our Soldiers and civilians in a loving, caring manner; his enthusiasm is contagious. I was impressed with his ability to discern the situation and provide clarity and guidance; he is a remarkable minister, Soldier and good friend.”

“Since he lives in Birmingham, I felt he could be a positive influence to our Frozen Tide family,” said Day.