SECHC Partners With SAHA

The South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference has reached a partnership with the Southern Amateur Hockey Association (SAHA) to sponsor the SECHC All-Star team.

SAHA operates under an Affiliate Agreement with USA Hockey that is renewed annually. SAHA is an affiliate of USA Hockey governing hockey in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. They provide support for all players at all levels in the south.

“We are thrilled to partner with SAHA and appreciate their sponsorship of the SECHC All-Star Selects team,” said SECHC Commissioner Sarge Day. “The SECHC supports the outstanding work of SAHA as they administer, govern, regulate, promote, and grow the sport of amateur hockey in our geographical area.”

SAHA will provide the SECHC with the funding for the All-Star jerseys as well as some travel costs and a team dinner.

“As a representative of SAHA, it was a privilege to attend the SECHC tournament recently in Huntsville, and to witness hockey at such a high level here in the South,” said SAHA board of directors member Paul Petrarca. “The partnership between SAHA and the SECHC is very important for the youth of the South; players will be able to progress as they go on from high school, and move forward to their collegiate future. As our teams become more and more competitive in the South at all levels, it is great to know that they have this level of hockey provided. It’s encouraging that our organizations are working together, so that our kids can play hockey right here in the south. This cooperation is vital for the continued growth of our programs.”

The SECHC and SAHA have also agreed to work together in the development of college hockey in the south.

“We look forward to working with SAHA in order to do a better job of  interacting with players and parents of high school players who are interested in a quality education and continuing to play hockey at a high level,” said Day. “Our number one consideration is a quality education for our student athletes. We feel the schools of the SEC provide that outstanding education and the SECHC provides an exciting college hockey atmosphere for those same student athletes. As we partner with SAHA, we will join forces to let players know of the outstanding opportunities that are available to them beyond high school hockey”