SECHC Officially Announces Tournaments and Auburn

August 21, 2010 – The Columbus Civic Center and the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference made three official announcements Friday. The arena will host two SECHC backed tournaments this season as well as being the home arena for the upstart Auburn hockey program.

As announced earlier in the year, the Columbus Civic Center won the rights to host the post-season 2011 SECHC Playoff Tournament. It had also been announced that Auburn would play its home games at the arena.

On Friday, both of those became official as well as the announcement of the “Columbus College Hockey Clash” Tournament which will be held in November. Two SECHC schools along with two independent hockey programs will play in the tournament.

Alabama and Georgia will represent the SECHC and take on Georgia Tech and Clemson in the tournament that will throw in a Columbus Cottonmouths game in the middle of a triple header. The Cottonmouths are a Southern Proffesional Hockey League team that plays its home games at the Columbus Civic Center as well.

For more information on the tournament, check out this article.

For more on the Auburn announcement, here is a video news report from a Columbus television station.