SECHC Officers Elect Board of Directors

June 18, 2011 – The Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference Elected its Board of Directors last week, for the second time in its brief history. Coming into the fourth season as the organizing body of 11 teams, the SECHC will have only one change in the three positions.

Steve Durrigan, the former head coach and current General Manager of the Tennessee Ice Vols, was elected as the West Division Coordinator. Durrigan stepped back from the head coaching position after last season, but not before leaving his mark on the record books, mainly as the all-time win leading coach in the school’s history.

Durrigan will replace Arkansas’ Assistant Head Coach Brian Gallini.

The East Division Coordinator and Commissioner positions remained the same. John Hoos, the founder of the SECHC, was elected to his second term as the East Division Coordinator and Kenny ‘Sarge’ Day was re-elected as the Commissioner of the conference.

The SECHC Committee voted last week to also make the Board of Directors positions two-year terms, making them re-eligible for vote after the 2012-2013 season.