On The Ice At The SECHC Showcase Day 1

Game 1- Tennessee vs. Ole Miss                                                                Winner: Ole Miss 5-2

Ole Miss got things in the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference Showcase off with Sean Burger taking the puck to the net. Cameron Cook and Cody Fullinwider followed with goals in the first period within minutes of each other. The University of Tennessee found the puck in the first period as well when Addison Oliver scored late in the first. Kyle Knell and Colin Knight scored for the Rebels in the second taking the final to 5-2.

Game 2- Auburn vs. Vanderbilt                                                                    Winner: Vanderbilt 6-0

Vanderbilt was able to shut out the Auburn Tigers in this game. Vanderbilt scored four goals in the first period by Henry Crowe, Jim Butler, Ryan Weekes and Kyle McCann. Alan Leeser and Kyle Stachowiak scored in the third period taking the final to 6-0. Weekes and Crowe both had one goal and two assists each.

Game 3- Alabama vs. South Carolina                                                          Winner: Alabama 8-0

It was senior night for the Alabama Frozen Tide. Senior John Bierchen recorded a shut out for the special night. Freshman Clay Link recorded a hat trick on South Carolina. Mark Wysock, Clay Link and Kenny Janssen scored in the first period. Ryan Vinson, Matt Mayes and Link found the net for the Frozen Tide in the second period. Zach Dailey and Link scored in the third period taking the final to 8-0. Freshman Kenny Janssen recorded one goal and three assists for the team.

Game 4- Arkansas vs. Florida                                                                          Winner-Arkansas 6-1

It seemed like this game would be all about Arkansas after the first period. Johnny Stromp, Billy Dolan, and Justin McDowell (2) scored goals in the first period. Florida’s Michael Jugan was able to find the net on Arkansas’s goalkeeper in the second period. Holloway and Sundstatt scored in the third period for Arkansas taking the final to 6-1. McDowell recorded two goals for the game. Dolan recorded one goal and two assists for the game.