Frozen Tide Sweeps South Florida

Frozen Tide Sweeps South Florida

The Frozen Tide (6-6) rallied back in Sunday’s game from a 3-0 deficit to beat South Florida 4-3.

Junior defenseman Matt Mayes scored the game winner for the team.

South Florida earned two goals by the end of the first period taking the score to 2-0. The team would earn the only goal in the second period as well.

The Frozen Tide rallied in the third period with four goals from Zach Dailey, Tanner Himmelman, Jeff Pease and Matt Mayes.

Senior John Bierchen played in net for the Frozen Tide on Saturday and Sunday.

The Frozen Tide had a strong game on Saturday night against South Florida, defeating them 7-2.

Alabama’s Sean Keeler, Brandon Butler and Chris Edge took the team to a lead of 3-0 after the first period.  Alex Dubrinsky would score twice in the second period followed by a South Florida goal.

South Florida would tally another goal before Alabama’s Kenneth Grabeldinger and Clay Link took the final score to 7-2.

The weekend in Florida proved to be a successful one for the team, winning three out of their four games.

The Frozen Tide will have a week off before traveling to Huntsville, Ala., for the Huntsville Showcase on Nov. 10-13.