Commissioner’s directive on scheduling for 2012-13 season

Part of Commissioner’s Corner:

Any SECHC team who plays divisional opponents (SECHC teams within your division) more than two (2) times this season shall count the first two played games as their official SECHC games UNLESS BOTH TEAMS provide an agreement in writing that they wish to count different games as their official SECHC games.  This written agreement must be sent to Commissioner Sarge Day, scheduler Ben Dishong, and divisional coordinators Steve Durrigan and John Hoos no later than the start of the 2012-13 season.

Also, by unanimous agreement, SECHC teams voluntarily agree not to report any NON-ACHA games to the SECHC/ACHA websites.  This agreement is made in order to report official ACHA games only in an attempt to not muddy the waters for the rankings committee members.  Inflated stats achieved in games played against Junior teams and start-up non-ACHA teams should not be used to determine who goes to Regionals.