Commissioner’s Corner: The 2014-15 season is here

Welcome to the 2014-15 SECHC and ACHA hockey season! It is hard to believe the boys are back in class and some of our teams have played a few games already.  After next weekend, all of our teams will have games under their belt and we will update our Conference Standings. New for this season is a major change to the shootout rule for ACHA D3 games.

The shootout will no longer be used to determine the outcome of a game if still tied after a 5-minute sudden death Overtime. Starting this season, games tied after regulation play will move on to the 5-minute OT and if the game remains tied after OT, it will be recorded to the ACHA as a Tie.  Hockey Conferences such as the SECHC were given the option to use the shootout to determine a winner for Conference standings only and we have voted to keep the shootout for “same division SECHC games” only.  Example, if two west division SECHC teams are playing each other, or if two east division SECHC teams are playing each other and the game remains tied after OT, those teams will proceed to a 3-player shootout to determine the winner of the game.  The results will be used for our SECHC divisional standings only and will still be reported to the ACHA for D3 rankings purposes as a Tie.  Got all that? I know, it’s confusing. We will not use the shootout if a west division SECHC team is playing an east division SECHC team and the game is tied after the 5-minute OT.  Again, all games ending in a tie after OT will be reported to the ACHA as a Tie.  The shootout is used only between inner-division SECHC teams for our SECHC standing only.  (But the official results will be reported to the ACHA as a Tie) Our SECHC Standings will reflect Wins & Losses only.

Welcome back players, coaches, parents and the wonderful fans of the South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference. As always, a new season is filled with hope and with new opportunity to do well within the SECHC, and to qualify for the ACHA D3 South Regional’s and hopefully advance to the D3 Nationals hosted this season by the City of Pelham and our very own Frozen Tide Hockey Club! I look forward to this new season with the same excitement I felt as a little boy growing up in Chicago anticipating the start of the Blackhawk’s new season!  Best of luck to all and remember…”You Can’t Step Out of Bounds in Hockey!”