2015-16 SECHC Champions: University of Georgia & Farewell

Congratulations to the Georgia Ice Dogs in winning their first SECHC Championship after a solid 7-4 victory over the Florida Gators. Also, sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Gators after suffering the loss of teammate Chance Wolf after a tragic on campus accident leading to his death at such an early age. I know it was difficult for Florida Hockey to make the trip to the Playoffs with heavy hearts, sad emotions, etc. I am very proud of every player, coach, parent and all the fans and supporters of Florida Gator Hockey who held everything together and continue to help the team to deal with this tragedy.

The University of Georgia clearly were the best team during the SECHC Playoffs and I want to congratulate them for such an outstanding season and for winning the Army Strong Championship Cup. I am especially happy for good friend and longtime Ice Dog assistant coach Steve Beneke who was able to proudly hold the Championship Cup high over his head during the on-ice celebration. Steve, your hard work and dedication to Georgia Hockey is well known and appreciated by all! Congratulations to all the players, coaches, parents and fans of Ice Dog hockey. Get prepared for the South Regionals because you definitely will be invited by the ACHA!

Finally, thanks to all for a wonderful 7-years I just experienced as your commissioner. Together, we have taken this hockey conference to another level with national recognition and prominence. Our teams consistently qualify for Regionals and Nationals and I am confident this will happen once again when the final ACHA South Region Rankings are released later this week. I leave you in good hands with dear friend Brian McSparron stepping up to take the leadership role as your new SECHC Commissioner. Brian and I coached Georgia Tech Hockey together for 10-years, he is truly outstanding and I know he is going to do great things for you and for hockey in the south. Best wishes to all, please make it a point to stay in touch with me. You will see me at the 2017 SECHC Playoffs.

So, this isn’t farewell but rather “see you at a rink soon.” Stay safe, stick together and always convey and live the core values of our hockey conference: LOYALTY-DUTY-RESPECT-SELFLESS SERVICE-HONOR-INTEGRITY and PERSONAL COURAGE. And remember…”You Can’t Step out of Bounds in Hockey!”


Kenny “Sarge” Day