2015-16 All SECHC Team

The SECHC is proud to announce the 2015-16 All SECHC Team. These student athletes, elected to the All SECHC Team by SECHC coaches will be recognized at the Ford Ice Center on 6 Feb 2016 during our annual awards presentation. The regular season MVP and Coach of the Year will be announced during our awards presentation. The players listed below need to be upstairs at the Ford Ice Center on Saturday morning at 9:45 AM for the award’s presentation. Coaches/parents are also invited to attend. The ACHA Executive Director, Mike Walley will assist in the awards presentation.

Congratulations to all!

First Team ALL SECHC:
Ross Miller – Arkansas – Forward
John Longman – Vanderbilt – Forward
Forest Mudgett – Arkansas – Forward
Andrew Inches – Auburn – Defense
Jacob Chamber – Arkansas – Defense
Ryan Kellenberger – Vanderbilt – Goalie

2nd Team ALL SECHC:
Christopher Santa Maria – Georgia – Forward
Alex Carey – Georgia – Forward
Brennan Benson – Forward – LSU
Hutton Kalik – Arkansas – Defense
Kevin Masaro – Florida – Defense
Renaud Gaboury – Arkansas – Goalie

3rd Team ALL SECHC:
Brock Rafaelle – Vanderbilt – Forward
Zane Katz – Florida – Forward
Ryan Bray – Georgia – Forward
Dixon Babb – Georgia – Defense
Kyle Ware – South Carolina – Defense
Andrew Bray – Georgia – Goalie